How does the old saying go, it's not just about the destination but journey as well?

Mini cars available for hire!

These little mini cars bring the joy back into driving and have everything thing you need and nothing you don't. They're automatic, with seat belts, boot (trunk) for the towels, glove box, a plug to charge your phone, cup holders for your drinks and a roof for some shade.

They can go around the island on the same tank of fuel without a problem, so you don't even need to fill it up before you take off, we've already taken care of that.

By design, and because of the friendly people of Vanuatu, these cars are interactive, you will find the locals saying "morning morning" as you go by. The children love these little cars so feel free to give them a toot toot and a wave. These mini cars will make you love Vanuatu even more, because of the interactions you'll have, so the co-pilot might want to be the one holding the camera.

In the glove box we've also included, photos of some popular destinations with directions how to get there written on the back. This makes it easier for you to find your way and enjoy a drive on the open road nice and safely while still having a blast and nothing but a tropical island paradise all around you.

Oh, and just because we can, you'll notice all our little beauties have names, Reggae Runner, Moon Rover, Shark Cage, Silver Surfer, Werewolf Destroyer, Spark Plug, Bullet and Bender. 

Please note: These cars are not buggies or any other kind of off road vehicle. They are to stay on the roads and driven to the correct road conditions as any other normal car. They are set up for comfort and ease of driving, not for off roading. This is a car rental company, you are liable for any damage done if found off roading. Vanuatu has off road buggy's you can go off roading in if that's what you would prefer.

Thank you, BNFree Island cars.

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